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1. Multi-Channel High Resolution Imaging System

Center wave. (Angstrom) :705843006562.8
Bandpass  (Angstrom):10 0.25 (tunable between ±5 A)
Focal length (meter):35 3522.5 
frames/sec (fps)101010
Field of View (arc sec) 100*80100*80170*170

 2. Vertical multi-wave spectrometers
1.1 Middle-dispersion spectrometer of multi-wavelength in optical bands
a. WavelengthFeI (5250 A); FeI (5324 A) ; Halpah (6562.8A); CaII (8542 A)
b.Grating Blazed Grating made by New Port Company
Grating constant:1200g/mm
Grating size :156 mm * 220mm
Blazed angle:36.8 degree
Blazed wavelength of 1st order10000 A
c. Resolution13000
1.2 High-dispersion spectrometer of multi-wavelength in near infrared
a. WavelengthFeI (15650 A); He I (10830 A) 
b.Grating Echelle Grating made by New Port Company
Grating constant:316g/mm
Grating size :204 mm * 408mm
Blazed angle:63 degree
c. Resolution300000 - 400000
 3. Adaptive optical system

A high-order solar adaptive optics system had been installed at 1-m New Vacuum Solar Telescope in routine operation since 2016. The system consists of a fine tracking loop and a high order wavefront correction loop, in which a deformable mirror with 151 actuators, a correlating Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with 102 sub-apertures, and a custom-built real-time controller based on FPGA and multi-core DSP are used. This AO system can work with the Fried parameter r0 at the 500 nm wavelength larger than 3 cm and the first 10 orders of the Zernike aberrations that include the front 65 modes could be efficiently corrected. The frame rate of wave-front sensor is up to 3500 fps (frames per seconds) and the error rejection bandwidth of the AO system is about 170 Hz. The Strehl ratio of corrected TiO image is better than 0.75 when seeing is better than or equal to 10 cm.

High-order AO system of NVST A reconstructed close-loop TiO image.