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Fuxian Solar Observatory is located in the southwest of China, the northeast side of Fuxian Lake. Fuxian Lake is the 2nd deepest lake of China (~157m).  FSO is about 60 km away from Kunming city, the captical city of Yunnan Province. 

The sunshine duration of FSO is about 2,200 hours per year. The average wind velocity is 6 m/s, more than 75% wind around FSO is from the lake and toward the telescope. The weather parameters were measured by an automatic meteorological station. The seeing parameters include the scintillation and the Fried parameter, and were measured by the scintillometer and the Solar Differential Image Motion Monitor (SDIMM) that was first developed by the FSO team.

The average seeing (Fried parameter, r0) of FSO obtained in the period from 1998 to 2000 was about 10 cm.

How to arrive

1. For tourists,  take the shuttle bus from Kunming to Chengjiang. It will take you about 1.5 hour.

2.The scientific observers should contact us by sending email to nvst_data@ynao.ac.cn. Please clarifying you intended arriving date. We will arrange your trip as far as possible.