Publications - 2.Observations

  • 30. High-resolution Observations of Sympathetic Filament Eruptions by NVST

       S.W. Li, Y.N. Su, T.H. Zhou,A. van Ballegooijen,X. S.D. Sun, H.S. Ji, 2017, ApJ, 844, 70.
  • 29. Oscillation of Newly Formed Loops after Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Chromosphere

         Yang, Shuhong; Xiang, Yongyuan,2016,The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 819, Issue 2, L24

  • 28.Observing Formation of a Flux Rope By Tether-cutting reconnection in the Sun
          Xue, Z. K.; Yan X. L.; Yang L. H.; Wang J. C.; Zhao L., 2017, ApJL, Volume 840, Issue 2, L23.
  • 27.Interaction of Two Active Region Filaments Observed by NVST and SDO
         Yang, L. H.; Yan, X. L.; Li, T.; Xue, Z. K.; Xiang, Y. Y., 2017, ApJ, Vol. 838, p.131
  • 26.The relationship between the 5-min oscillation and 3-min oscillations at the umbral/penumbral sunspot boundary
          Zhou, X. P.; Liang, H. F., 2017, Ap&SS, Vol. 362, p.46
  • 25.Statistical research of the umbral and penumbral oscillations
          Xinping Zhou, Hongfei Liang, Qiuhuan Li, Wenjia Zhang, Wenhui OuYang, 2017, NewA, Vol. 51, p. 86-95
  • 24.Minifilament Eruption as the Source of a Blowout Jet, C-class Flare, and Type-III Radio Burst
          Hong, Junchao; Jiang, Yunchun; Yang, Jiayan; Li, Haidong; Xu, Zhe, 2017, ApJ, Vol. 835, p.35
  • 23.Interchange Reconnection Associated with a Confined Filament Eruption: Implications for the Source of Transient Cold-dense Plasma in Solar Winds
         Zheng, R. S; Chen, Y.; Wang, B.; Li, G.; Xiang, Y. Y., 2017, ApJ, Vol. 840, p.3
  • 22.Mini-filament Eruption as the Initiation of a Jet along Coronal Loops
         Hong, J. C.; Jiang, Y. C.; Yang, J. Y.; Yang, B.; Xu, Z.; Xiang, Y. Y.,2016, ApJ, 
    Vol. 830, p.60
  • 21.The formation of an inverse S-shaped active-region filament driven by sunspot motion and magnetic reconnection
          Yan, X. L.; Priest, E. R.; Guo, Q. L.; Xue, Z. K.; Wang, J. C.; Yang, L. H.,2016, ApJ, Vol. 832, p. 23
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