Publications - 2.Observations

  • 113.  Are the Magnetic Field Directions of Surrounding Loops a Key Parameter for Confining a Solar Filament Eruption?

    Ding, Tao; Zhang, Jun; Hong, Junchao, 2022, ApJL, 933(2), L38 [ADS]

  • 112.  Growth of a filament channel by intermittent small-scale magnetic reconnection

    Li, H. T.; Cheng, X.; Guo, J. H.; Yan, X. L.; Wang, L. F.; Zhong, Z.; Li, C.; Ding, M. D., 2022, A&A, 663, A127 [ADS]

  • 111.  Data-driven modeling of solar coronal magnetic field evolution  and  eruptions

    Jiang, Chaowei; Feng, Xueshang; Guo, Yang; Hu, Qiang, 2022, The Innovation, 3(3), 100236 [ADS]

  • 110. Coronal condensation as the source of transition-region supersonic downflows above a sunspot

    Chen, Hechao; Tian, Hui; Li, Leping; Peter, Hardi; Chitta, Lakshmi Pradeep; Hou, Zhenyong, 2022, A&A, 659, A107 [ADS]

  • 109. A formation mechanism for the large plumes in the prominence

    Wang, Jincheng; Yan, Xiaoli; Xue, Zhike; Yang, Liheng; Li, Qiaoling; Chen, Hechao; Xia, Chun; Liu, Zhong, 2022, A&A, 659, A76 [ADS]

  • 108. Persistent fast kink magnetohydrodynamic waves detected in a quiescent prominence

    Li, Dong; Xue, Jianchao; Yuan, Ding; Ning, Zongjun, 2022, Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 65(3), 239611 [ADS]

  • 107. Simultaneous Observations of Chromospheric Evaporation  and  Condensation during a C-class Flare

    Li, Dong; Hong, Zhenxiang; Ning, Zongjun, 2022, ApJ, 926(1), 23 [ADS]

  • 106. The merging process of chromospheric fibrils into a filament

    Fang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Song, Z. P.; Hou, Y. J.; Li, T., 2022, A&A, 658, L3 [ADS]

  • 105. Fast plasmoid-mediated reconnection in a solar flare

    Yan, Xiaoli; Xue, Zhike; Jiang, Chaowei; Priest, E. R.; Kliem, Bernhard; Yang, Liheng; Wang, Jincheng; Kong, Defang; Song, Yongliang; Feng, Xueshang; Liu, Zhong, 2022, Nature Communications, 13, 640 [ADS]

  • 104. Granular-scale Magnetic Flux Emergence  and  its Associated Features in an Emerging Active Region

    Shen, Jinhua; Xu, Zhi; Li, Jianping; Ji, Haisheng, 2022, ApJ, 925(1), 46 [ADS]

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