Publications - 2.Observations

  • 93. Formation of Solar Quiescent Coronal Loops through Magnetic Reconnection in an Emerging Active Region

    Hou, Zhenyong; Tian, Hui; Chen, Hechao; Zhu, Xiaoshuai; Huang, Zhenghua; Bai, Xianyong; He, Jiansen; Song, Yongliang; Xia, Lidong, 2021, ApJ, Volume 915, Issue 1, 39 [ADS]

  • 92. Observations of Magnetic Reconnection with Large Separatrix Angles and Separatrix Jets above the Solar Surface

    Xue, Z. K.; Yan, X. L.; Yang, L. H.; Chen, J.; Wang, J. C.; Liu, Z.; Lee, K. H.; Lee, L. C., 2021, ApJ, Volume 915, Issue 1, 17 [ADS]

  • 91. Reconstructing 3D Magnetic Topology of On-disk Prominence Bubbles from Stereoscopic Observations

    Guo, Yilin; Hou, Yijun; Li, Ting; Zhang, Jun, 2021, ApJL, Volume 911, L9 [ADS]

  • 90. How eruptions of a small filament feed materials to a nearby larger-scaled filament

    Wei, H.; Huang, Z.; Hou, Z.; Qi, Y.; Fu, H.; Li, B.; Xia, L., 2020, MNRAS, Volume 498, Issue 1, L104 [ADS]

  • 89. Magnetic Reconnection between Loops Accelerated By a Nearby Filament Eruption

    Li, Leping; Peter, Hardi; Chitta, Lakshmi Pradeep; Song, Hongqiang; Ji, Kaifan; Xiang, YongYuan, 2021, ApJ, Volume 908, 213 [ADS]

  • 88. Small-scale Bright Blobs Ejected from a Sunspot Light Bridge

    Li, Fuyu; Chen, Yajie; Hou, Yijun; Tian, Hui; Bai, Xianyong; Song, Yongliang, 2021, ApJL, Volume 908, Issue 2, 201 [ADS]

  • 87. The Formation  and  Eruption of a Sigmoidal Filament Driven by Rotating Network Magnetic Fields

    Dai, Jun; Ji, Haisheng; Li, Leping; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Huadong, 2021, ApJ, Volume 906, Issue 2, 66 [ADS]

  • 86. Triggering Mechanism  and  Material Transfer of a Failed Solar Filament Eruption

    Yan, Xiaoli; Xue, Zhike; Cheng, Xin; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Jincheng; Kong, Defang; Yang, Liheng; Chen, Guorong; Feng, Xueshang, 2020, ApJ, Volume 889, Issue 2, 106 [ADS]

  • 85. Dynamics Evolution of a Solar Active-region Filament from a Quasi-static State to Eruption: Rolling Motion, Untwisting Motion, Material Transfer,  and  Chirality

    Yan, Xiaoli; Li, Qiaoling; Chen, Guorong; Xue, Zhike; Feng, Li; Wang, Jincheng; Yang, Liheng; Zhang, Yan, 2020, ApJ, Volume 904, Issue 1, 15 [ADS]

  • 84. Some interesting topics provoked by the solar filament research in the past decade

    Chen, Peng-Fei; Xu, Ao-Ao; Ding, Ming-De, RAA, Volume 20, Issue 10, 166 [ADS]

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