Publications - 2.Observations

  • 130. Hybrid Detection Algorithm  and  Study on the Quantity  and  Brightness Evolution Characteristics of Photospheric Bright Point Groups

    Bai, Haicheng; Yang, Peng; Zhao, Limin; Gong, Xiaoying; Zhong, Libo; Yang, Yang; Rao, Changhui, 2023, ApJ, 956(1), 62 [ADS]

  • 129. Transient dark ribbons at the outer boundaries of sunspot superpenumbrae in the chromosphere

    Xu, Chengzhi; Zhang, Jun; Ding, Tao, 2023, A&A, 678, A36 [ADS]
  • 128. A Type II Radio Burst Driven by a Blowout Jet on the Sun

    Hou, Zhenyong; Tian, Hui; Su, Wei; Madjarska, Maria S.; Chen, Hechao; Zheng, Ruisheng; Bai, Xianyong; Deng, Yuanyong, 2023, ApJ, 953, 171 [ADS]

  • 127. The Formation of a U-shaped Filament Due to the Successive Magnetic Reconnection between a Filament  and  Its Nearby Chromospheric Fibrils

    Yang, Liping; Yan, Xiaoli; Xue, Zhike; Wang, Jincheng; Yang, Liheng; Xu, Zhe; Li, Qiaoling; Zhou, Yian; Peng, Yang; Zhang, Xinsheng, 2023, ApJ, 952, 43 [ADS]

  • 126. An extreme-ultraviolet wave associated with the possible expansion of sheared arcades

    Liu, Yihan; Zheng, Ruisheng; Zhang, Liang; Wei, Hengyuan; Zhong, Ze; Yang, Shuhong; Chen, Yao, 2023, A&A, 674, A167 [ADS]

  • 125. Ultra-high-resolution observations of persistent null-point reconnection in the solar corona

    X. Cheng, E. R. Priest, H. T. Li, J. Chen, G. Aulanier, L. P. Chitta, Y. L. Wang, H. Peter, X. S. Zhu, C. Xing, M. D. Ding, S. K. Solanki, D. Berghmans, L. Teriaca, R. Aznar Cuadrado, A. N. Zhukov, Y. Guo, D. Long, L. Harra, P. J. Smith, L. Rodriguez, C. Verbeeck, K. Barczynski & S. Parenti, 2023, Nature Communications, 14, 2107 [ADS]
  • 124. Observational Study of Recurrent Jets Confined by Active Region Loops

    Yang, Liheng; Yan, Xiaoli; Xue, Zhike; Chen, Huadong; Wang, Jincheng; Xu, Zhe; Li, Qiaoling, 2023, ApJ, 945(2), 96 [ADS]

  • 123. Splitting  and  Reconstruction of a Solar Filament Caused by Magnetic Emergence  and  Reconnection

    Xue, Zhike; Yan, Xiaoli; Wang, Jincheng; Yang, Liheng; Xu, Zhe; Peng, Yang; Li, Qiaoling, 2023, ApJ, 945(1), 5 [ADS]

  • 122. Formation of an Intermediate Filament Driven by Small-scale Magnetic Reconnection

    Sun, Xia; Yan, Xiaoli; Liang, Hongfei; Xue, Zhike; Wang, Jincheng; Yang, Liheng; Xu, Zhe; Yang, Liping; Peng, Yang; Li, Qiaoling; li, Zihan; Zhang, Xinsheng, 2023, ApJ, 944(2), 161 [ADS]

  • 121. Interactions between Filament Fibrils  and  a Network Field

    Song, Zhiping; Zhang, Jun; Fang, Yue, 2023, ApJ, 943(2), 114 [ADS]

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