TimeTable Applying for NVST Time

Applying for NVST Time

  • Application of NVST of every year is open since January of each year.
  • Applicants of NVST will deliver an application form on her/his observation. The deadline of the delivery is the end of  February.
  • This form will contain information on: observer names, assistant, title of project, used instruments, positive feedback, problem feedback and a wish list et al. The report will be sent via email to nvst_data@ynao.ac.cn 
  • Please let us know about any publication that results from NVST data sets by sending email to nvst_data@ynao.ac.cn
  • Application form of 2016 download (doc)
  • Applicaiton form of 2017 download (doc)
  • Applicaiton form of 2018 download (doc)
  • Applicaiton form of 2019 download (doc)
  • Applicaiton form of 2022 download (doc)